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Baking is an art whose main ingredient is love.

I am an accountant by profession, mother, wife... and a baker!
Sometimes I think about when my fascination with baking began, and I discovered that it was always there, within me, in my family. In each recipe that my great-grandmother shared with me, with that personal touch that she put on all of them, turning them into something special. In every jar of homemade jam that my mom made and that we all loved so much. Learning from them was an inseparable part of my happiness. It became my most significant inheritance when they were gone.


This is how this story began, first with my family. Then friends and acquaintances joined in. 

Although life took me through other paths, offices, documents, numbers, inside I always felt the need to sweeten my family's days. Making desserts was, and is, my greatest satisfaction. The aroma of the freshly baked desserts, the sweet smell, the taste, and the happy face of those who eat my sweets, are incomparable feelings. I understood that the world of desserts is my passion, mixing the ingredients with my touch until achieving the perfect recipe.

Thanks to all of them and their words of encouragement, I decided to share my passion and reach out to more people, and this website was created. I am not a schooled baker, but in every dessert, I put the main ingredient... LOVE.  

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